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If your time matters, InsureZone is your solution.

Our customers span the entire insurance industry from rural agents to multi-national brokers and insurance companies.

Over 25,000 agencies use our platform and we have over 45,000 users.

In 1999, InsureZone began developing its technology platform which consists of 13 proprietary products. With our clients' insight, we have helped our users reduce their operational costs by an average of 30% while at the same time more than doubling their submissions and premium written.

If you have time to talk about your business, we are ready to listen...


Do the fires you fight each day prevent your agency from growing?

InsureZone's suite of tools streamlines the sales and servicing of a policy so you can focus on what really matters...REVENUE!

We allow you to leverage our investments, so you can compete against the billions spent on advertising by direct writers. In addition, this platform allows your agency to focus on larger accounts...because we handle the many small fires that distract you from the issues you really want to focus on.

Real-Time Rating Options

By using InsureZone's commercial and personal lines comparative rating tools, your agency can streamline the way it handles the small account which will allow your producers to focus on larger accounts. This is the only comparative rating platform in the industry that works for BOTH commercial lines (23 carriers) and personal lines (100 carriers) using the the same interface. This self-service tool can be found at

Document Management

InsureZone focuses on productivity at all levels of an agency. In a typical agency, 30% of the work done each day is handling documents (paper and electronic) related to the certificates, endorsements, ID cards and copies of policies. InsureZone has created its Fetch tool to automate the retrieval and delivery of documents to your producers and insureds.

Lead Development

Provide real-time rates to anyone in the world, 24 hours a day, with Leads 2.0! InsureZone enables you to provide real-time comparative quoting from multiple national carriers on your agency website. The InsureZone platform also offers integrated lead management as part of our InsureZone Direct and AgentSecure operations.

Need Markets or Products?

InsureZone Direct allows your agency to be part of a national organization so you can leverage our relationships to maximize your revenue through shared bonus programs and higher commission rates.

AgentSecure is a 50-state wholesale operation and is ideal for those agencies seeking access to standard/preferred national carriers.

Online Service Tools

Our service dashboard equips your staff with the tools you need to service your customers 24 hours a day. Our cloud-based solution takes the pain out of servicing your book of business:

  • Real-time service request tracking
  • Status updates
  • Document repository and retrieval
  • Email notifications and document delivery when service complete
  • Five-day average response time for all requests

Back-Office Support

InsureZone allows you to minimize your overhead costs by using our U.S.-based back-office infrastructure to assist in all aspects of your daily operations and includes:

  • Rating and quoting
  • Underwriting
  • Policy sales
  • Post-sale policy servicing

These services are offered on an "on-demand" basis and are part of either our InsureZone Direct network or as part of our AgentSecure wholesale operation.

Customer Story

Brisco Agency
Conroe, Texas

(outside of Houston — Tier 1 and tough to write any property risks)

"Without AgentSecure, I may not have my agency today. I have always worked as an independent agency. I was working with...and storms along the Texas coast significantly changed carrier appetite for my customers. And because of the carriers that they brought to the table and the technology that InsureZone offers, I decided to consolidate all of my business with AgentSecure.

It has been a terrific partnership since 2007." -Gary Brisco


By leveraging InsureZone's tools and services, you can focus on the large accounts that drive your revenue.

Our platform gives you the ability to supercharge your agency’s general business, or initiate program and affinity relationships. In addition, InsureZone can provide you a number of options, such as outsourcing, to significantly grow your small commercial and personal lines operation. Bottom line, InsureZone offers a consultative approach which your operation can leverage in ways that best fits your business model.

Program and Affinity Sites

InsureZone can help you take your programs to the web. Many brokers have grown significantly through their program business but the expectations from the franchisee and affinity members are getting higher and competition is getting tougher. The InsureZone platform can be used to automate your application process and help your programs continue to grow.

Submission Efficiency

InsureZone has found over the years that the two primary needs of the brokers with whom we have worked are:

  • To achieve control of the submission process through standardization
  • To improve the efficiency of of the process being used to receive a completed application

It just so happens that these are primary strengths of the InsureZone platform.

Operations Outsourcing

Most brokers have significant personal lines and small commercial operations...and most brokers do not reward their producers for selling these types of policies. So why not leverage InsureZone's sales and service operation to turn your small commercial and personal lines into a high quality service division and a significant money maker for your organization.

Keep in mind that the InsureZone platform is being used to outsource more of this business than any other software provider in the market.

Systems Integrations

InsureZone has proven it has the operational skills needed to connect all of the tools that your organization uses each day: submissions process, Acord PDF applications (PDF to XML data), customer clearance, document management, agency management, accounting and policy issuance.

In addition, for carriers that do not have XML capabilities, InsureZone has developed a web-scripting tool called BOWSER to automate the completion of carrier quoting web sites. Once the mapping logic is created, BOWSER will answer each question on each page and handle all of the complexity associated with dropdown choices and state variances.

Consolidate Operations

The InsureZone platform can be used to radically alter the operating environment for your company. By creating one electronic front door for your producers, your affinity groups and program partners your organization will get the following:

  • Regain control of the submission process
  • Have the data to know which markets are being utilized
  • Staff will gain significant efficiencies in writing and servicing policies
  • Time formerly used to quote can be better used to manage accounts

Return on Investment

Do you dread that year-end discussion with the CFO about the return on investment the company is getting from the software your organization bought and possibly does not even use?

Well, with InsureZone, the math will finally be simple. Submissions will double and you will be able to handle your workload with fewer people....and other departments will be asking for advice about how you did it.

Customer Story

InsureZone first met with Swett & Crawford in 2007. Their objective was to have a single entry, multi-carrier interface with eight workers comp carriers which would allow their producers to receive proposals from all carriers that had an appetite for the risk. Swett & Crawford also wanted to have control over which carrier proposals were presented to the prospect. InsureZone was able to acheive this in just under three months.


For many, IT strategy is driven by todays problems rather than by long range planning and projects.

As the director of technology you solved problems and moved on. With InsureZone, you can leverage our technology investment so that your operations can focus on growth and not have to worry about Band-Aid solutions that have piled up over time.

Our technology platform is modular and gives you the flexibility to add the products and services you need over time. In addition, the platform equips you with the controls you need to manage the complex relationships with your agent base.

Appointment Process

The success of your operation depends upon attracting, training, and retaining the best agents from around the U.S. With the InsureZone MemberOne tools you have the ability to manage all aspects of your interaction with your sub-agents including: membership applications, background reviews, onboarding, access to carriers and lines of business, training, E&O maintenance, license tracking and agency communications.

Complete Applications

A potential customer recently told InsureZone that on average, they communicate with the submitting producer 7-10 times before they have the information they need to provide an accurate proposal. With InsureZone's platform, the only applications your operation will receive will be Completed Applications. The features of our web applications include:

  • Field validation for each data point
  • Address verification (USPS)
  • Cannot continue to next page unless current page is complete

Appetite and Underwriting

Once you have received your completed application, the next step is making sure that each carrier with a true appetite for that risk gets quoted. With InsureZone's CLOWSER rules engine, that is exactly what happens. This tool manages all of the appetite and any underwriting and exclusionary rules provided by your carriers and it gives your operation the control you need to manage your book of business and loss ratios right down the zip code level.

Operational Efficiencies

InsureZone's platform can bring a number of tools to your business that will result in the operational efficiencies that you have been hoping to achieve such as:

  • Submissions complete EVERY time
  • Acord PDF upload from ALL agency management systems
  • Web application for all lines of business: personal, commercial, surplus
  • Rules driven quoting of carriers
  • Quotes and premium indications presented with minimal staff intervention
  • Underwrite policies only after bind request received
  • Online service requests
  • Service dashboard

Online Service Dashboard

InsureZone's state of the art service capabilities are setting the standard for the insurance industry. Our service dashboard equips your members with a self-service location to manage all aspects of their book of business with real-time notifications when transactions are complete or changes are made. Dashboard functionality includes:

  • Real-time request tracking, chat feature, status updates, document retrieval and email notifications
  • Reporting capabilities include: production, renewals, cancellations and commissions

Marketing Assistance?

It may be hard to believe that a technology company thinks about sales and marketing for their software customers, but as a user of its own technology, InsureZone realizes that efficient operations are only the starting point for growing your company.

So if your marketing road-map is taking you in every direction but you are still held back by operational roadblocks, then InsureZone is the right partner for you.

Customer Story

The story of AgentSecure is compelling: 50-state licensed wholesaler; 2,000 sub-agents; one person handles all membership, E&O and licensing; 500-700 applications received per day and quoted on average in less than 7 minutes and all handled by seven staff members. In the service department they handle phone calls and every type of service request possible. Average time to completion is just 2.5 days. (Yes, you read that correctly!)

The bottom line is that this platform was designed and programmed by people who wanted to sell and service policies in the simplest manner possible and that is what we are offering your operation as well.


With our technology, your operation will have the tools you need to efficiently expand.

With InsureZone, you can achieve the goals you have set for your network/alliance without the huge capital costs required to match and ultimately exceed, the offerings of your competition.

Appointment Process

Using our MemberOne tools, manage the entire agency onboarding process; from membership application, to background checks, E&O management, licensing, agency communications, carrier and line of business access.

Carrier Access and Training

As part of our on-boarding process, InsureZone offers scheduled and routine technology training in order to provide you with the guidance you need to effectively use our platform. In addition to these services, direct carrier access is available as part of the program.

Real-Time Rating

InsureZone has the insurance industry's only true rating platform for personal lines (100 carriers), commercial lines (24 carriers) and surplus lines (3 carriers). The InsureZone platform provides a single entry multi-carrier rating system that returns results in 30 seconds to 7 minutes depending upon carrier quoted and line of business. Let's recap:

  • Personal Lines
  • Commercial Lines
  • Surplus Lines
  • Quotes returned in as little as 30 seconds...

System-Based Controls

Our platform gives you the controls you need to grow your operation with the confidence that polices are being underwritten and bound correctly. These controls include:

  • Submission Quality: easily controlled through the mandatory fields necessary to complete applications for providing accurate quotes
  • Appetite Management: agents can only quote and write the business your carriers REALLY want to write
  • Underwriting Assistant: Platform only quotes carriers when there is an exact match based upon both class and underwriting criteria
  • Single Entry multi-carrier quoting for both commercial and personal lines
  • Integration of back-office tools for document imaging, agency management, etc.

Agency Tool Suite

InsureZone can provide all of the tools your agency needs so that your producers and agency partners can be "in the office" wherever they are.

Tools Available Include:

  • Comparative rating
  • Sales workflow manager
  • Service dashboard
  • Outsourced service
  • Fetch: Document retrieval
  • Automated policy renewal
  • Online leads manager
  • Producer management

Improve Loss Ratios

It is a bold claim, but it is possible to improve your loss ratios with the use of CLOWSER — our rules engine for managing carrier appetites — exclusions and underwriting rules. This tool manages appetites down to the zip code level on a national basis.

Achieve Your Growth Goals

Greg Holt, Owner of MSI Group, LLC, "I never could have imagined partnering with InsureZone would result in 75% growth in our first year!"

"We were able to achieve this by adding our 90 MSI agencies with 70 carriers onto the IZ platform within 90 days."


With InsureZone you can finally connect the systems that drive your operation.

InsureZone's connectivity tools enable your organization to connect all aspects of business operations including: submission management, customer clearance, document management, rating and quoting, agency management and policy issuance. Finally, single entry is possible.

Streamline Submissions

InsureZone provides a tool suite that allows your online portal to accept submissions from all types of risks through one front door. It will not matter whether they are submitting personal lines, commercial lines, standard or surplus risks, your web portal will give your agency partners a simple interface for all risks.

No More Re-Entry of Data

You have been seeking a solution that would provide this for years...

And it is possible with InsureZone. Finally, a solution that connects your submissions web site and all of your internal systems – clearance, document management, policy issuance, accounting, rating tools, sales workflow and carrier sites. As a result, you will no longer have to re-key the same info into multiple internal systems.

Sales Workflow Manager

This tool offers the chance to consolidate your sales workflow - from submission to point of sales

  • Automated Emails: When submission status is changed the system generates automated emails to alert the agent
  • Submission Assignment: Submissions can be assigned automatically based upon defined criteria such as line of business, location and class code
  • Work queues created for your staff
  • Integrated task functionality
  • E-mail templates
  • Document management

Manage Your Producers

The MemberOne toolset allows you to manage many aspects of the relationship that you have with your producing agents. The toolset includes:

MemberOne Capabilities:

  • Producer application
  • Email communications
  • Submission management
  • Notes
  • Payments and monthly fee collection manager
  • E&O management
  • Carrier logins
  • System user management
  • Licensing and state availability
  • Carrier access
  • Lines of business an agency can write/submit

Program Websites

You can leverage the InsureZone platform to create a unified experience for your program and franchise web sites.

Real-Time Rating

As the leading provider of commercial Insurance rating solutions with over 35,000 agency users, InsureZone can provide your producers the ability to get premium indications in real-time from both standard and surplus lines carriers through one submission interface. Below is an indicative list of carriers available through the InsureZone platform:

Customer Story

InsureZone was selected by the AAMGA to solve a technology issue that stymied the E&S marketplace for many years. The issue had three parts:

  • Allow a broker to submit an Acord 130 property app via PDF from their agency management system then convert the PDF into XML data.
  • Transmit the XML data into the submission workflow of a broker’s management system along with the PDF submitted.
  • Return a quote from the broker to submitting agent in under 5 minutes.

The total development time for InsureZone to address this problem was just over four weeks. The finished integration was completed in June of 2009.

We are ready to do it for your operation as well.


InsureZone is the only software developer that uses its own technology for its internal insurance operations.

Why? The InsureZone platform includes the best practice insights it has gained as a result of providing its technology to other agencies, brokers, wholesalers, MGA's and carriers. This software vendor experience has taught us the ways in which our own insurance operations as well as outside agency’s can improve their loss ratios while generating higher premium levels. Carriers can also leverage the distribution pipeline available through InsureZone’s thousands of agency technology partners. If these comments surprise you coming from an insurance technology company, then let us tell you about some of the success stories.

Since 1999...

InsureZone programmers wrote the original XML e-commerce platform for the insurance industry and also created the first commercial lines comparative rating platform in 1999. Since that time, InsureZone continues to be a leader and an innovator creating a platform that includes 13 proprietary products that are today used by more agencies than any other commercial lines rating vendor. The typical impact to an agency's operations from the use of the InsureZone platform is a doubling of submissions in conjunction with a 30% reduction in operating expenses.

We know your time is valuable, so why not work with the best.

XML Infrastructure

The InsureZone platform was built using XML from the ground up and it is fully XML compliant which offers significant data exchange flexibility. The following are some of the benefits of having a "native XML" platform:

  • Data interchange with third parties is significantly simplified
  • PDF to XML Transformations: Agents can start an application by uploading an Acord PDF from ANY management system to the InsureZone platform
  • Web Services: The platform is ideal for carriers that expose a Web Service that allows real-time, secure data interchange
  • Non-XML Users: For carriers that do not use XML, we use XSL to convert our proprietary XML format into whatever data format is required by a carrier

Automated Web-Scripting

For carriers that do not have XML capabilities, InsureZone has developed a web-scripting tool called BOWSER to interact with carrier web sites...the same sites that are used by agents for rating. This tool allows InsureZone to collect data on its web interface and receive a proposal from all carriers that have an appetite for the risk without the submitting agent having to re-key any information.

Trust & Security

InsureZone is a trusted partner that any carrier can rely upon to assist them as they seek to expand their market presence, integrate with third party vendors for rating, grow their agency and manage the quality of submissions.

Experience Matters

Size and experience do matter, especially in an industry that handles so much sensitive data. With InsureZone you have a partner that is creating and connecting the infrastructure to meet the policy sales and servicing needs of any agency, broker, wholesaler, or MGA. We need to partner with the best carriers around the industry to make our strategy work.

Today, InsureZone provides services to over 35,000 agencies and over 45,000 agency users. Our platform connects to 25 commercial carriers and can connect to over 100 personal lines carriers. Our platform has processed nearly 4MM applications in the last five years and quoted well over $1.8BN in premium.

Partner for Growth

With InsureZone, you have a partner that can assist your operational growth in many ways such as:

  • Leverage the InsureZone IT infrastructure and staff if your operation is new to the XML world. Our team can be your XML conduit to all third parties with whom you work. This includes interfacing with agency management systems and all rating vendors.
  • Utilize the relationships that InsureZone has with its technology customers to expand in states where your operation may have limited agency representation.
  • Manage the type of submissions that flow into your operation through the use of our CLOWSER tool which provides great flexibility around appetite, class availability, and underwriting rules to make sure that you are only looking at the risks that best fit.

Agency Service Tools

The following platform tools are available to help manage your agents:

  • Clowser (Appetite and Underwriting Rules Management Toolset): This gives an agency, broker or carrier the ability to control the smallest detail of what risks they want to quote from each agency using the InsureZone platform for rating.
  • Bowser (Internet Explorer Automation Tool): It electronically simulates user keystrokes to communicate with carrier web sites when XML communications options are not available.
  • Relay Service: Agents can start an application by uploading an Acord PDF from ANY management system to the InsureZone Platform.
  • XML: The InsureZone platform was built using XML from the ground up. It is fully XML compliant which simplifies data interchange requirements and web service integrations.